Who killed Sevendygrain? Will it rise again?… Yeah, but first-

For a little over a month, I have been offering a set of free film-grain plates, known as Sevendygrain to anyone with an internet connection; they have gotten a good amount of attention download-wise. Though, I woke up this morning to an email from 4shared.com (where I host my grain plates for download); the email states that someone has complained of copyright infringement regarding my “basic 35mm” grain…. This is frustrating, because I did create these plates (download the project files below). The real kicker is that the only person/people I can imagine having incentive to want sevendygrain “Off the streets” are those profiting from similar products… I will (begrudgingly) give, whomever complained, the benefit of the doubt, and assume that they honestly thought I was distributing their product… But by giving out this generous courtesy I come to the realization that the “complainant” feels that Sevendygrain is so similar to their own product that they can’t even tell the difference themselves… That’s the best damn endorsement I think I’ll ever get!

I am in the process of sorting out the situation with 4shared, and getting the downloads back online, but in the meantime I have included a download link to the project-file (click the image), that I used to animate film grain scans, below. Once I know more about the situation I will post an update.

Enjoy and share alike!

If you don’t have a 4shared account feel free to use the 7db client login:

login: 7dbclient@gmail.com

password: cli3nt

8 thoughts on “Who killed Sevendygrain? Will it rise again?… Yeah, but first-

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  2. So, they shut down my sharing capability completey (4shared). I am working on getting the files back online with another host. I apologize for the situation, it will be resolved as quickly as possible.

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