7dblue, is a place I come to share the things that come out of my head; videos, thoughts, drawings, and the very occasional piece of music (when I can get my head around it). If you like anything you see or read, please say so; inversely, if you dislike or hate something, speak the hell up! No growth takes place without criticism, and no independence comes from never having to defend your stuff. Plus, there’s absolutely no sense in putting something out there if all you get is empty praise… Anyways, I hope you enjoy, if not, let’s hear what you’ve got to say.

My name is Josh Stevens. I work in the visual effects industry for feature films by day, but once the sun sets and the moon rises, I pursue more independent and creative endeavors in absurd art and film-making.

*Side note*

Due to a conclusion many have come to, I will clarify that the “7D” in 7dblue has no relation to the camera! 7dblue@gmail.com, has been the email I’ve been using for years before Canon put out the amazing device that so many have come to love. To make a long story short (because there is a sort of story to the name), 7dblue is actually just a shortened, more graphic version of the written out “Sevendy Blue” (with seventy spelled intentionally incorrect). So, no. The name bears absolutely no intentional relation to the camera.


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